Fee Terms & Policy

The monthly Fee is based on one session per week – one hour per session. No proration of fee for missed sessions. 24 hour advance notice for absence.

No separate compensatory sessions are offered for sessions missed by the student. At the discretion of the school, we will cover that portion of the missed lessons with some extra time during the next session.

Extended absence over 3 weeks will be compensated later on with extra time during following regular sessions. Monthly Fee is due even during extended absence as we will cover that portion of the missed lessons with extra time.

Fee payment schedule:

Fee is due before the 10th of every term. Failing to do so will result in a late fee of $15 added to the regular term fee.

Fee is due on a term basis as follows :

Registration fee – $20 ( one time for the whole academic year)
Security deposit – one month which will be applied to the month of June 2020.
Dropping out from the academic year midway will forfeit your security deposit.

  • Due by 10th Sep
    Sep, Oct and Nov – term 1
  • Due by 10th Dec
    Dec, Jan and Feb – term 2
  • Due by 10th March
    March, April, May – term 3

Ways to pay your term fee

Paypal | Zelle (+1 609 529 7642) | Check | Cash

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